Client Testimonials

Our practice has engaged the billing and consulting services of Kris Jones and HCMS for over 25 years. She is a fierce champion for doctors wrangling with the increasing complexities of private practice. “Experience-Expertise-Integrity-Determination-Results-Value” is not just their motto. It’s a battle cry!

–Thomas Jackson MD PhD, Psychiatrist, San Francisco Bay Area

“Having been in practice for 10 years, I know firsthand the challenges of managing my business.  Partnering with HCMS eliminates that stress for me and my staff.  Their team is efficient, technical savvy, and committed to help make my practice a success.  I greatly appreciate the skill, thoroughness and precision with which issues are analyzed, corrected and/or resolved in a timely fashion.

As a hands-on owner, Kris uses her vast experience in medical management and knowledge of the current regulatory climate, to ensure I make informed decisions about my practice.   It is my pleasure to work with Kris and her team, and I feel lucky to have found them!”

–Dr. Ioana Bina, Gastroenterologist, St Helena, California

“We formed Glenville Medical Concierge to provide more quality care time with our patients. To keep our billing in order and practice on track, we needed a practice management partner who understands the business of private medicine.  Healthcare Management Systems is that partner.

Since we contracted in November 2015, HCMS has built our monthly billings. They educated us on Medicare regulations, increasing our revenue without adding patients. With over 30 years of medical practice experience, HCMS is a proven resource, answering our questions and helping us make Glenville Medical Concierge a success.

I highly recommend Healthcare Management Systems for private medicine business services.”

–Dr. Jeffrey Puglisi, Dr. Judith Shea & Dr. Steven Mickley, Glenville Medical Concierge, Greenwich, Connecticut

“The HCMS staff is diligent, experienced and easy to work with. Kris Jones-Bartley’s level of attention to detail is such that I don’t have to worry about something falling through the cracks. This is critical in contract negotiations, credentialing and practice administration.”

–Dr. David Jue, Internal Medicine (concierge practice), Napa, California

“With Kris Jones-Bartley and HCMS running the show, my billing is done correctly and my patient and private payer reimbursement goes uninterrupted.”

–Dr. Rony Kako, Internal Medicine (concierge practice), Napa, California

“Kris Jones-Bartley’s commitment to continuous improvement and education impresses me. We’re not getting a generic service, but customized service tailored to our practice. I have complete trust in Kris and her team at HCMS. They are very supportive, offering insightful suggestions that have helped my practice run more smoothly for over 20 years.”

–Dr. Marko Bodor, Physical Medicine and Rehab, Napa, California

“For 34 years, I employed my own insurance biller in my office. When my biller retired on 2013, I thought I would move never have it so good again. Fortunately, I was mistaken…my billing is even better with HCMS!

They are experts in the field of medical billing and management. The HCMS staff is professional, reliable, available and friendly. They stay current with all the rules and regulations, easing that burden on me the practitioner.

I could not recommend HCMS higher!”

–Dr. Diane Silver, Dermatologist, Napa, California