Our People, Our Expertise

Our diligence, timeless and attention to detail are critical to your continued success.

Healthcare Management Systems is a team of dedicated professionals specially-trained in outsourced medical billing, physician contracts, credentialing and practice management services. We use our expertise, experience and persistent determination, to add value and produce results. Above all, we take pride in our responsiveness to meeting HCMS client needs.

In this age of “job hopping,” HCMS boasts a very low turnover rate. The majority of our employees have been with us 7+ years (some more than 20!)  We value continuous staff education and support employee initiative to gain specialty credentials and pursue higher learning in their area(s) of expertise. Our clients benefit from long-term relationships with the HCMS team, strong professional bonds built on trust, respect and results.

Acting as a seamless extension of our clients’ medical practices, HCMS staff is highly skilled in the minutiae of medical billing, medical payments collections, physician credentialing and contractual negotiation with carriers, as well as bookkeeping, human resources and financial team coordination. We know that our diligence, timeliness and attention-paid-to-detail are critical to our clients profitability and continued success.

HCMS - California team leaders:

(as pictured, left to right)

Susan Pisor, CMRS, Account Manager & Patient Communications Specialist – susan@hcmsnapa.com

Ami Tucker, CMRS, Director of Revenue Cycle Management – atucker@hcmsnapa.com

Kris  Jones-Bartley, CPC, CMRS, Founder & President – kjones@hcmsnapa.com

Luz Black, Director of Operations and Contracting – lblack@hcmsnapa.com

Libby Roe Administrative Assistant – libby@hcmsnapa.com

Pat Zuffinetti, Executive Assistant – pat@hcmsnapa.com

Heather Stephenson, Patient Advocate – heather@hcmsnapa.com

Ann Barry, Sales & Marketing Director (not shown) – ann@hcmsnapa.com

HCMS - North Carolina team leaders:

(as pictured, left to right)

Donna Driscoll, CPCB, Account Manager – donna@hcmsnapa.com

Shannon Hunsaker, CMRS, Billing Coordinator – shannon@hcmsnapa.com

Sharon Gerald , CMRS, Account Manager – sharon@hcmsnapa.com

Carrie O’Ferral, CMRS, Account Manager – carrie@hcmsnapa.com

Allison Hardwick, Reimbursement Coordinator – allison@hcmsnapa.com

HCMS - New York team leader:

(as pictured, left to right)

Antonietta Apollonio, Credentialing and Enrollment Specialist – antonietta@hcmsnapa.com

Additional HCMS network

In addition to HCMS staff, we have a national network of coding compliance experts, IT personnel and medical marketing specialists.