A full-service insurance billing solution for patients who are members of cash-only medical practices.

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“I only have good things to say about ClaimAssist. The team always goes above and beyond! Pays attention to detail, doesn’t rush with the patients, and finds solutions in a timely manner.”
Jessica G. – Administrator – Discover Health

With ClaimAssist, cash-based medical practices can:

  • Accelerate membership growth by eliminating the ‘double pay’ concern
  • Reduce your patients’ costs up to 40-60% by maximizing out-of-network benefits
  • Reduce patient attrition by retaining patients who gain insurance
  • Dramatically improve member value and enhance patients’ service experience
  • Keep administrative costs low by outsourcing the hassles of insurance billing

For Cash Only Practices Say “NO” to insurance and “YES” to patient reimbursements

Our mission is to make Direct and Concierge care more affordable
by putting money back into members’ pockets through insurance reimbursements.

Accelerate Membership Growth

Eliminate the “double pay” concern that keeps patients from joining by maximizing their out-of-pocket network benefits.

ClaimAssist gets insurance benefits for patients while your practice focuses on healthcare.

Keep administrative costs low
by outsourcing all insurance claim questions and paperwork requests.

How It Works – 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Practice activates ClaimAssist service
  2. Provides ClaimAssist with patient demograhpics, including insurance card copy
  3. Practice uploads superbill into ClaimAssist portal
  4. ClaimAssist submits claim, provides customer support, works denials, advocates for patient.
  5. Patient receives any out of network insurance insurance benefits directly

Keep your members happy
as we guide them through insurance questions and get them back the benefits their insurance owes them!

ClaimAssist, treats patient members with the white glove service they expect. All the practice needs to provide is a superbill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ClaimAssist?

ClaimAssist is a full-service health insurance billing service that helps patients of cash-only membership-based concierge medical practices. We work to secure “out of network” insurance reimbursement for services paid for out-of-patient’s-pocket.

How Does ClaimAssist Help My Practice?

ClaimAssist eliminates the #1 barrier insured patients have to joining cash-only membership-based medical practices — paying out-of-pocket. Eliminating this barrier helps practices by: accelerating membership growth, reducing patient costs, and increasing the value of your service offerings.

Who Pays for ClaimAssist, the Practice or the Patient?

The medical practice pays for ClaimAssist, and offers it as an added patient benefit and point of differentiation for their practice.

How Much Does ClaimAssist Cost?

Medical practices pay a small monthly minimum or a per-enrolled-member monthly fee (PEMPM), whichever is greater.

The PEMPM fee ranges from $5-$9 determined by volume of billable visits per month.

Insured patients become an ‘enrolled member’ when their first billable visit is sent to ClaimAssist.

Can I Pass the Cost of ClaimAssist Along to My Patients?

It’s up to you. Membership-based medical practices incorporate ClaimAssist in a variety of ways from simply paying for the service on behalf of their patients, to creating a new membership plans for insured patients that includes ClaimAssist service costs.

Is ClaimAssist a Strong Investment?

Assuming a monthly membership fee of $100.00, ClaimAssist pays for itself when the practice signs up 6 new members.

Even better, those 6 new members that ClaimAssist helped attract add over $5500.00 in new revenue per year.

How Much Do Patients Get Reimbursed For Out Of Network Claims?

It depends on the insurance carrier. Average reimbursement ranges from $50-$100 per billable visit.

Does ClaimAssist Create a Lot of Administrative Overhead for the Practice?

No! ClaimAssist is designed to protect Direct Primary Care practices from the hassles of insurance billing.

The practice need only upload a Superbill for each billable visit into the secure ClaimAssist portal.

ClaimAssist scrubs and submits the claim, works denials and appeals, ensures the patient receives the reimbursement or deductible credit and provides patients with all customer support along the way.

Where Does The Reimbursement Go?

All claims reimbursements go directly to the insured patients.

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