(Almost!) Missed Opportunities

  1. Solo internist practice was providing Medicare preventative services. Unfortunately  physician did not understand correct coding, billing and documentation, so practice was missing opportunity for additional reimbursement. HCMS increased revenue by $120,000/ year by training the physician and staff on the required documentation and coding for Medicare preventive care services.
  2. Vascular surgery practice experienced rapid growth, but employee training and compliance fell by the wayside. The practice was in serious risk of a failed compliance audit. Within a few weeks, HCMS had an operational structure in place and employees trained– protecting this very lucrative practice from failing.
  3. Well-established gynecology practice was decimated by employee embezzlement and neglect. Within 6 months, HCMS had the practice functioning and exceeding it’s previous success.
  4. Well-established internal medicine group practice desired to have a better quality of life and more time with their patients, practicing the kind of medicine they envisioned when they went to medical school. HCMS researched options, provided financial projections and assisted them in locating the best match for their transition consulting team. HCMS supported the transition consultants and continued on to provide ongoing administration and revenue cycle management for the newly-formed concierge group.
  5. Dermatology practice needed to transition from an in-house biller of 20+ years. The physician was extremely concerned about loss of control because of all the time required to appeal and dispute Medicare issues. The transition was very smooth, the Medicare issues completely disappeared (because HCMS team understand coding, billing, regulations and could educate the physician and staff so claims were submitted properly), and the average revenue increased by 15%.
  6. Cardiovascular surgeon left a group practice to practice on his own and did not want to participate in PPO plans. HCMS developed a “patient-friendly” approach to manage patient expectations and education regarding their options. Physician’s revenue increased by 30%.
  7. Concierge practice switched from in-house billing to HCMS. Initially the physician and staff were very apprehensive that their patients would not receive the personal touch they promoted within their practice. 3 years later the practice recognizes HCMS as a true partner and advocate for their patients. Today, the practice is able to focus on providing patient care and all financial issues are handled by HCMS.
  8. Gastroenterology practice was sinking under demands for specialty care. Unable to keep up with the volume, the physician experienced significant staff turnover, with income reduction, and high patient and referring physician dissatisfaction. HCMS analyzed the issues, streamlined internal systems, automated processes, transitioned the practice to a paperless format to enhance the accessibility of record and information. Within 6 months, the practice doubled revenue and re-established patient and referring physician satisfaction.