Contracts & Credentialing

Do you wonder what it costs your practice to do your own Contracts & Credentialing?

In addition to staff time doing the research, completing the paperwork and following up with each agency and payor, it is fairly common for practices to miss revenue before they ever see a patient. How? By not fully securing payor contracts before seeing patients. At Healthcare Management Systems, we establish favorable physician contracts by knowing the procedures and protocols that secure timely approval and the initiation of cash flow. Our staff  includes reimbursement specialists who continuously monitor your contract status to ensure reimbursements arrive in compliance with the terms of each third-party agreement. We facilitate provider enrollment with all commercial and government payors in all 50 states; manage Medicare, Medicaid  state and county enrollment; and credentialing revalidation for all medical professionals nationwide HCMS staff fully understand the necessity of maintaining favorable terms for our clients. Each HCMS client has a personalized “contract calendar” to ensure we eliminate any date gaps or missed reimbursements. Our experienced professionals efficiently navigate the complex contractual systems that can overwhelm inexperienced office staff.

“I have worked with Healthcare Management Systems since the Turn of the Century.  I am certain that the experience, diligence, and professionalism exhibited by the HCMS staff has been essential in making Napa Valley Personalized Healthcare the premier medical group in Napa Valley.  For matters of credentialing, contracts, compliance, personnel, and much more, HCMS has the answers for the day-to-day operation of my practice.”